UpLoyal - a platform for creating
individual Loyalty and Order-Pay-Collect solutions for business
with integration to your ERP/POS systems

WE focused on 4 Key tasks for business

increase revenue and GP from customers (up to 40%)

decrease customers churn level

enhance customer experience

optimize loyalty programs costs

What is our advantage?

We provide a constant presence of your business in client’s life

Uployal is an effective tool for managing the loyalty of your guests, which influence on the average check, frequency of purchases, churn-rate, NPS rate and brings NEW revenue streams from Order-Pay-Collect mechanics ( delivery, pre-ordering)


Why do customers choose Uployal?


Loyalty program for your business

We implement and integrate the loyalty program in your accounting system, and we offer technical support 24/7 as well
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How does it work?

Uployal is an effective tool for managing your customer loyalty, which increases the average check and frequency of purchases


What do customers say about us


The application is supported by Android and iOS operating systems

regular development and updating of versions

24/7 technical support

custom design of the application for your business



Questions and answers


The loyalty program is a unique set of actions to stimulate the resale of goods or services to existing customers, in which the CRM system is used to manage, automate and analyze customer actions.

This is an indicator of customer satisfaction with a product or service of a particular brand. Usually determined by re-purchase. Brand loyalty leads to more sales.

The bonus is the internal currency of the loyalty program. Customers have the opportunity to accumulate and pay for purchases.

By connecting a loyalty program to your business, you can analyze customer actions, receive 24/7 feedback with a mobile application on the client side and management and analytics cabinet on the side of your business.

In today’s global market, more and more businesses are turning away from card discount systems and moving to cloud solutions. Uployal, along with other benefits, offers a unique gamification system for customers that encourages the use of the mobile application and the viewing of new offers and news.

We offer several connectivity options that depend on the needs of your business and your budget. You can choose a ready-made solution or individual development that takes into account all the needs of your business and advanced functionality.

Uployal allows you to reward your customers with cashbacks, the amount of which you can set and adjust depending on the needs of your business

Uployal has the ability to integrate with the cash accounting system used by your business (1C, Ultra, Poster, Iiko and others)

The CRM system is software that represents a customer relationship management system. Used to manage business processes, improve customer service, improve sales and analyze results. The Uployal CRM system consists of 2 blocks: a client-side mobile application and a business-side web cabinet, which includes a management and analytics system with the functionality necessary to fulfill the basic tasks and needs of the business.

Yes, operating expenses are reduced compared to the service and support of loyalty card programs, where significant funds are regularly spent on card production, printing, SMS and E-mail.

Accumulation and processing of data on each client, personalization of offers for clients, segmentation and revealing of personal preferences.

Uployal serves as an additional tool for staff evaluation, with full access to the feedback and evaluation system, with the possibility of further employee motivation.

Customers can send feedback after each purchase: this way, the business quickly receives timely identification of problems with the product or service, evaluation of staff performance, quality of service, is a measure of satisfaction with the product or service.


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